Indulgent Hot Chocolate

There is not many things that are better than a rich, creamy hot chocolate on a cold winter day... whether you are wrapping your Christmas presents or just relaxing in front of a fire. It is very quick to make and feels like a really indulgent  and luxurious treat.

You only need a few basic ingredients (I always have these in the house in case I need an emergency hot chocolate!)

You will need:

  • milk (measure with your mug)
  • 1/2 bar of dark chocolate (I use half a bar per large mug. You can also mix in a small bit of milk chocolate if you prefer the drink to be a little sweeter)
  • golden syrup or honey to taste
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (or vanilla bean paste - I like to see the little black dots in my chocolate)

You will need to chop or grate the chocolate and put it into a small saucepan together with the cold milk and put it on a medium heat to melt the chocolate slowly. Add the golden syrup and vanilla and stir.

Make sure that all the chocolate has melted and that the drink is smooth, it doesn't take longer than a few minutes.

Now to the most exciting part - the condiments. Plain hot chocolate is delicious but as it is the holiday season it is perfectly acceptable to throw in some Baileys or mini marshmallows. There is a number of things you can add to your chocolate, the below are just a few of my favourites:

  • Baileys, Tia Maria, dark rum...
  • Cinnamon or mixed spice
  • Marshmellows
  • an After Eight melted into the hot chocolate or a candy cane dipped into the mug
  • and the traditional whipped cream (I have been known to put a blob of Brandy cream into my hot chocolate around Christmas time as well....)