Christmas Giveaway

Merry Christmas!!

I’m sorry we have been absent this past week but the stress of Christmas shopping and parties has gotten to us. I have to say this Christmas week has just flown around and I really cannot believe that it will all be happening in just a few days. I was very surprised that people started saying "Merry Christmas" to me in the shops the other day… surely it is way too early for that!! Then I realised it is only 5 days away now and Christmas wishes are perfectly legitimate!

Needless to say, as every year, I have left my Christmas shopping to the very last moment so if you see someone running around Dublin city centre on Sunday with a panic stricken face that will probably be me.

So we decided, in order to start feeling properly festive, we are going to give away this baby on Twitter:

These are lovely and moisturizing little lip balms and they smell amazing. In the set there is five different ones: Satsuma Shimmer, Strawberry, Watermelon, Raspberry, Passionberry.

You can head over to our twitter page and look up the giveaway rules there!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!