Goodbye 2012!

As the last few hours of 2012 roll by, we take a look at some of the fashion and beauty trends that shaped the year... Heavy Brows: The heavy brow is something I’ve always been a fan of, a subtly arched heavy brow can do wonders in framing the face and 2012 was definitely the year for strong, full brows.  The eyebrow was really brought into focus back in March when Chanel had models work the runway with crystal adorned full brows during their A/W 2012 show.  Bold brows are now framing faces on almost everThe original heavy brow & still the best, as always audrey gets it spot on -Photo Credit: www.audrey1.orgy catwalk to Hollywood. Often a toned down version of the high fashion face trickles through to the high-street eventually, but it’s rare that I’ve seen so many embrace the fuller brow- almost always for the better (possibly with the exception of the very angry looking scouse-brow!). With salons now offering treatments such as HD brows to help those who might have got carried away with the early noughties ‘tadpole’ look, this one looks to be sticking around at least throughout the next year- bin your tweezers now!


Stained Dark Lip: The dark mulberry lip was all over A/W 2012 shows from Gucci to Dior. Clean faces and slicked back hair were set off with dark red/winey hued lips for a beautifully striking and seasonal look.  This one is particularly gorgeous with a paler complexion so no better time to give the bronzer a break. Hand in hand with the above heavy brows, this look offers a gorgeously dramatic, glam alternative to the usual evening smoky eye. Definitely one to carry over to the early new year, wear it while the evenings are still long and dark. Check out our ‘how to’ guide from last month and try this one out!

Gisele does beachy blonde as it should be
Gisele does beachy blonde as it should be

Balyage: Bronde is a term I first came across online a couple of months ago- a big fan of stupid hybrids this is the perfect description of the brunette/blonde ‘do’s’ that everyone seemed to be rocking in 2012. Balyage is a French technique of applying colour to hair originally developed in the 1970’s but gaining snowballing momentum over the past twelve months. Taking a more freehand and artistic approach, Balyage involves ‘painting’ on the colour as opposed to the regimental even coverage of foils resulting in a more natural, sunkissed finish. Hotties such as Gisele and Lauren Conrad are poster girls for this look, the Balyage trend itself is sitting pretty into 2013.

Reverse Manicure combining matte and gloss tips -photo credit:

Reverse Manicure: 2012 was all about experimenting with nails, with one of the staples being the reverse manicure or the ‘Moon Manicure’. The past few months we’ve seen this look adorn the talons of celebs from Khloe Kardashian to Rihanna and Dita Von Teese.  Another trend that’s actually nothing new, this one is a variation of a look that stems back to the flirty thirties where ladies would paint the centre section of the nail only, leaving the top and bottom of the nail bare. Keep an eye out for our tutorial early in the new year!

High Top lust -photo credit:

High Tops: A nostalgic throwback to the 90’s, the past year saw the rebirth of the high-top this time less MC Hammer and more Alexander McQueen. From hidden wedges to metallic leather finishes, who’d have thought these babies would be such a sought after addition to the 2012 wardrobe. Mixed feelings on these have turned into solid lust and I now want (Michael Kors metallic glam studded high top if were getting specific). Shiny, quirky, gorgeous and soon to be mine- let’s all agree to carry this one over to the new year so I can get some wear out of them!

Blake Lively with a boho chic fishtail braid -photo credit:

Plaits and Braids: Not so much school girl pigtails and hipster chic, 2012 was all about braids of all sorts. Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Michael Kors were just some of the runway shows embracing the braid for S/S 2012. A trend that carried over to the red carpet mostly in the form of the fishtail braid, boho chic at its best as donned by Nicole Kidman, Vanessa Hudgens and Blake Lively. Always gorgeous for a relaxed undone ‘do’- another tutorial in the pipeline for 2013!

Satchels: The satchel bag was all over 2012, with celebs from Alexa Chung to Lady Gaga all getting involved in the satchel movement. Small enough to reduce your chances of spine damage but still big enough to squeeze in all your essentials, these little gems made it onto my Christmas wish list and Santa (I suspect with the help of Harvey Nicks) managed to pull out a limited edition rose gold Cambridge satchel for me on Christmas morning!  Each piece is handmade and you can really feel the quality, also if you buy online there’s the option to have you initials embossed into the leather- fancy! There are some lovely versions available from Forever 21 up to YSL depending on your credit card limit…

My Cambridge Satchel

Chunky Statement Necklaces: Chunky, bold and bejewelled necklaces became a staple accessory for 2012 from glittering collars to geometric bibs and not just for evening wear. 2012 saw the statement necklace make a transition into the daytime wardrobe and offered one of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe- a favourite of hipsters Olivia Palermo, Elizabeth Olsen and Lauren Conrad, particularly worn over a fully buttoned collared shirt or a lower cut neckline and blazer.

Chunky necklace obsession (L:H&M, C:Forever 21, R:H&M)

Double Denim: Yet another nod to questionable nineties fashion- a former faux pas that Spring-time 2012 saw make an entrance is double denim. The rule for successfully pulling of the new double denim is to always mismatch the shade, avoiding the noughties boyband look at all costs. The Jury is still out on this one… 

rebel ring finger2
Christmas red with a Mulberry ring finger

Rebel Ring Finger: Another 2012 nail trend which littered the feeds of our Instagrams was that of the rebel ring finger. Pretty self explanatory this one involves painting both ring fingers a different colour to the rest of your fingers- a perfect method of drawing attention to beautiful ring or simply an excuse to play with your OPI collection. We've seen all versions from a varying shade, a glitter finish on the ring finger or a contrsting colour- all cute.

2012 was an interesting one with no shortage of trends and fashion inspiration- good, bad and ugly (double denim will never be for me!) and here's to a fabulous 2013 full of great things- Happy New Year Everyone!