Kissy Lips

Bitterly cold breezes that would cut you in two are one of the many joys of an Irish winter- nothing that a nice bowl of Readybrek and a ‘good vest’ couldn’t fix on a freezing school morning. School days behind us, the harsh winter elements present a whole host of other beauty dilemma’s. Wrapping up Eskimo style is actually something I look  forward to come winter- being a fan of chunky knit snoods and Fair isle woolies it’s my time to shine! Dry skin and chapped lips however is a whole other story. Come October once the temperature starts to dip, ordinarily supple pouts are replaced with  dry, cracked and chapped nightmares. Admittedly cranking up the heat on full blast at every opportunity in the car probably doesn’t do me any favours here, but being a cold creature by nature this is unlikely to change and so an alternative was in order. I’m a big fan of Blistex for smoothing out weather beaten lips, it’s definitely got that medicated edge compared to Vaseline and even Carmex.

Now ordinarily I opt for a matte lip (usually in coral to nChubby Sticksude tones)- however Clinique has come up with the most perfect moisturizing balance between lip colour and nourishing balm in the form of their Chubby Stick, a throwback to the days of Crayola, these little beauties are one of the handiest handbag essentials for winter. The official line being pretty much spot-on in this case ‘Super-nourishing balm is loaded with mango and shea butters’. These balmy bases are topped with a variety of neutral shades, including Super Strawberry, Fuller Fig, Richer Raisin, Whole Lotta Honey, Graped-up, Mega Melon, Whoppin’ Watermelon and Chunky Cherry. The pigment is quite washed, more of a tint that goes hand-in-hand with the lovely moisture rich texture and would suite most skin tones. They retail in Ireland at €19 (or if you know anyone heading stateside they’re available for a pocket-friendly $15/€11) and make a lovely addition to any make-up bag. The Clinique Whole Lotta Colour Chubby Stick Gift Set, offering particularly good value at €35 for five full size Chubby Sticks in a range of shades- a great value stocking filler.


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 The cherry on the cake with this one is the most recent addition to the Chubby Stick family, Chubby Stick Intense- a proper pigmented version of the original with the same moisturizing, balmy, consistency. A definite new staple beauty junkies across the land and perfectly designed for application on the go- rush hour traffic make-up in my case most mornings . These little gems have everything I need for day to day wear and are cute to boot which is always nice! RRP remains €19 as with the original (again cheaper stateside if the opportunity Chubby Sticks Intensepresents).

Highly recommended for super soft lips with a pop of colour; kiss kiss!

Chubby Intense Swatches



(Chubby Stick Intense swatches from left to right: Curviest Caramel, Hefty Hibiscious, Chunkiest Chilli, Mightiest Mango, Grandest Grape)