Tree Makeover

The time to get our Christmas trees has come again! The husband and I always get a real Christmas tree. It is something about the smell that reminds me of my childhood and it wouldn’t be Christmas without it (that and clementines). So this year I have managed to get an even bigger tree than the year before. I always have trouble imagining the tree in our sitting room and they seem much smaller to me in the tree yard, which the husband tirelessly points out to me every year.


Of course, when we got the tree home it turned out to be massive and we had to move some furniture. It also turned out that we don’t have enough decorations for the monster tree so when I was finished decorating the tree still looked naked. I had to make an emergency shopping trip to get several packets of new baubles to make the tree look less nudie (the photo below is still form the nudie stage!!)

Nudie tree

The tree decorations are actually another bone of contention in our house – I am all for a themed, classy tree and the husband wants multi-coloured lights and tons of tinsel! There is absolutely nothing wrong with coloured lights and tinsel but it’s just not my taste so the husband usually gets another small tree and decorates it himself (that tree can be found in the back of the house). To me his tree looks like a Unicorn puked rainbows all over it, but he loves it, so I have to live with that I suppose.


In the end, I am quite pleased with the result  on our “main” tree, I went for gold and silver this year and got quite a few lovely, unique decorations in House of Fraser (I love them so much!!). Here are some photos for you:






Angel Wings