Tuesday Blues

With only three weeks until Christmas we're well and truly into the festive countdown- nonetheless, for the majority of us Tuesdays, to put it mildly, suck! Admittedly I take comfort in the fact that the post-weekend reality check that is Tuesday blues is not something exclusive to me- those academic types at The London School of Economics have only gone and proved my theory that your weekend high has well and truly worn off and it is on Tuesday that we reach our ‘lowest ebb’ (tiny violin playing sad song here). Enter two of our favourite things to put a smile back on your face- Brad Pitt meets Chanel! Brad being the obvious choice for the first male to face a Chanel No.5 campaign in exchange for the obscene sum of €5.36 million.  The ad itself is typically artsy with his couple of lines on luck and fait and something else I’m sure… is anyone really listening? It’s Brad Pitt and Chanel- and is plastered in between twinkling fairy lights in retail mecca’s nationwide, now there’s a little something to shift those Tuesday blues!

House of Fraser, Dundrum Towncentre, Dec 2012