Happy Friday!

photo credit: kristemichelini.com So the last of the bubbles have been drank, bank accounts emptied and Christmas tree’s looking a little sad and dried out- welcome January!

If it feels as though all you have to show for the celebrations is a lingering hangover and five extra pounds fear not, now is the time for new beginnings, big plans and dare we say it resolution making. The good news is you’ve more than likely made it through the first few days back to work, so HAPPY FRIDAY!

One tip for getting through the early January return to normality is to focus positively on the little things; such as:

  • Thinking of the dreaded operation decoration-removal as an early (albeit very early..!) spring clean, use it as an opportunity to air your living space and start the year with fresh bed linen, a bright bunch of flowers and some candles to ease the transition from twinkling fairy lights to the usual.
  • Shed some newly acquired poundage, or if disciplined enough to have maintained a toned bod, still get outside for a brisk walk, run , cycle or skate- fresh air + calories burned= natural mood lift, always good. (Getting out early morning at the weekends earns counts for double- no smugness rivals that of having ran six miles before your other half stirs from their sleep!)

The Roller Skate by Topshop, retro fabulous!

Get yourself a cute notebook and invest some time and energy in making lists. From ‘things to do tomorrow’ to bigger goals and your plan of action for achieving them (Triathlon anyone?!) the likelihood of achieving your goals is actually substantially increased when you put pen to paper. Plus there’s something lovely and satisfying about merely ticking off completed tasks (see- little things!)


  • Overhaul! Your make up bag, your skincare regime, your fridge(!), no better time than now.
  • Put some time and effort into home comforts, the madness of the silly season has settled so look after yourself with some early nights, take time out to read, have baths and cook decent food- your liver and complexion will thank you for it!