Tea Parties & Tree-Hugging

This month has been designed to strike the balance from all that festive loveliness that was December; a fairy-light drenched distant memory now. But with the first half over we’re feeling brighter already; not long now until daylight returns and the bitterly cold mornings become are once more just regular cold! Resolutions have oddly enough been kept- in an office that gets through paper cups as though it’s a daily goal, I’ve committed to replacing mine with this ceramic cutie.


 I’m also making it my business to fill it with anti-oxidant rich herbal tea in the place of latte’s (which by the way are a main ingredient of cellulite…) and so far so good! Hardly life changing, but a little more tree-hugger than 2012, and I’m definitely developing a love affair with Peppermint and Spearmint tea- a great one for relaxation, soothing sore stomachs and revving up your immune system. A teeny tiny resolution it may be-but it’s stuck!