The Magic of Contouring

A decent concealer can save a girls reputation hiding all manner of sins from late nights to hangovers and the inevitable bad skin day following one too many slabs of Lindt’s finest. The range of concealers on offer is vast, for example I know girls who use YSL Touche Eclait to conceal (and I’m using conceal in the lightest sense of the word- these tend to be girls who’ve got lucky with blemish-free complexions) even though its technically light light-reflective highlighter. On the other end of the spectrum La Roche Posay provide a heavily pigmented borderline-specialist range of colour-correcting liquid concealers in varying tones from creamy yellow to counteract dark-grey circles beneath the eye, to a mint-green option for offsetting red or rosacea undertones. Wherever your skin tone weakness lies, there’s guaranteed to be a perfect solution on the market if you search hard enough. MUFE Camouflage Cream concealer yellow beige 14

One of my latest make-up bag essentials is concealer perfection in the form of Make Up Forever camouflage cream concealer. It’s heavily pigmented formula is set in a creamy consistency pan concealer which blends beautifully on the skin. This one has real lasting power and sits well over or under foundation; my preference is to even out any discolouration around the eye-area before applying a liquid foundation, and concealing blemishes following foundation application, before setting with powder. 

A trick of the trade is to use concealer lighter than your natural tone as a highlighter, so on any area of the face you want to bring forward when contouring- typically the centre of the chin, the cheekbones, beneath the arch of your brow and sometimes the bridge of the nose and jawline.

With a little contouring/shading you can creat a flawless finish without the sparkly sheen of full on evening highlighter such as Benefit High Beam (great for a Saturday night, a little tranny perhaps for a Tuesday morning). It’s worth baring in mind to always go for a matte finish if using a bronzer to contour- Benefit Hoola is a favourite of mine when contouring, it has a perfect matte finish for creating depth.  


Kim Kardashian's make-up artist Scott Barnes has mastered the art of contouring- given he's got a pretty good canvas to work on! Contouring is a magic tool that can instantly create killer cheekbones, sharp jawlines and even enhanced cleavage if called for!


Admittedly this takes a little longer than most of our morning make-up routines, but if you happen to have something special planned/someone special to see or just a few minutes longer than usual to apply your make-up then this is the way to go.