The new craze: CC creams

We have all been swamped with BB creams this past year - nearly every cosmetic brand has one in their range. Whether they were a success or not, I'm not sure. I have yet to find one that would really suit my skin as most of the ones I have tried are either too greasy, too grey or just not impressive at all. But the cosmetics world seems to now have adapted Steve Job's marketing philosophy "make the next version better than the last" and is launching with the new CC creams. CC stands for colour control and is supposed to be an improved and better version of the blemish balm. The CC cream concept was developed in Japan and Korea and the products were first launched for the Asian market where the BB creams have also been a screaming success.

So what exactly does it do? Well, like the BB cream it includes a moisturiser and high SPF. The new additions are colour correcting ingredients, it is also less greasy and tackles uneven skin tone, the cream itself is much lighter in texture but still has all the nourishing properties of the predecessor.

Chanel and Olay  CC cream are already available in the States and soon (in March 2013) we will get the L'Oreal version on the Irish market.

L'Oreal CC creams available in Ireland 1st March 2013

L'Oreal are launching three types of CC cream: an anti-dullness (purple), anti-fatigue (peach) and anti-redness (green). They will be priced at €14.99 and available in Ireland from 1st March.

Personally I like the idea very much as I would not wear a primer (like the colour correcting primers by MUFE) under my makeup every day but would be grateful for a little help with dull or tired looking skin from my moisturiser.

What are your thoughts? Are DD creams next?

A xx