New Series: Blog Of The Week

Emily Schuman of cupcakes and cashmereI am a blog junkie. There it is, it's out, I admit I am addicted to reading blogs. For some reason I find them fascinating and much more personal than magazine articles. I love following my favourite bloggers to see what they're up to and follow their journeys. The beauty of blogs is that you can find one on absolutely every topic you can imagine. Because of my interests and profession I am mainly following fashion, make-up and cooking blogs but I love the gardening and home decor ones too. Photography blogs are also very inspirational! And music ones... travel ones... I could go on and on!

So Becky & I decided to share our good old favourites and new discoveries here with you all.

And here is the first one: A firm favourite with both Becky and I, the absolutely amazing blog by Emily Schuman Cupcakes and Cashmere. Miss Schuman covers everything from delicious recipes to gorgeous outfits (leading to a serious case of wardrobe envy here at Pink Elephant HQ!!). We are completely smitten with Emily's cute style and flair for interior design as well as her cooking and  amazing organizational skills!! ;)

This is a blog that is definitely worth following!

Happy reading!