Squeaky Clean


 Cleaning make-up brushes is a beauty chore which is a loathed necessary evil in our book. No doubt it is an essential duty to lift residue, bacteria and any other funky gunk from our miracle tools (especially if working on others with them- pink eye is never a good look) but it’s also a tedious and time consuming activity that takes up more time than I’d like. The jury remains out on how often you should be lathering your brushes up, with the general recommendation being weekly to fortnightly- and of course daily if working your magic on others. The staple for this is Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, if it’s gentle enough for teeny tiny chubsters in the tub then its gentle enough for our kit, always remembering to keep water temperature to lukewarm- anything hotter and you risk melting the glue that holds everything in place. The best method of drying is to place the brush head over the edge of a ledge (ideally a window ledge over a radiator to speed the drying time) ensuring the shape bounces back and isn’t flattened at all. Until now this has been a standard (and a little dreaded) ritual and so perked up on hearing whispers about The Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.

The Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.

This genius offering has been specially designed to make brush cleaning quick and easy. It takes the form of a thick textured rubber glove, speeding up the whole lather and scrub process, and is available in black, turquoise blue and fuchsia pink and purple. Why nobody has thought of this before is beyond me- such a genius solution to speed up the chore that is brush cleaning.

Textured surfaces make brush cleaning a breeze

The dual sided glove has various textured surfaces meaning you use less ‘cleaning solution’ (baby shampoo) and less time. Sigma Beauty SpaTM Brush Cleaning Glove is not available just yet, but is available to pre-order priced at $39.99 (around €30, not available from Irish outlets but Sigma ship worldwide; Sigmabeauty.com). Patiently awaiting this one!