Summer Lovin

So if we’re honest summer in Ireland is nothing to get too excited about, although the last few days is promising! So after months of severe sunlight deprivation we’re only dying to break out the flip flops, maxi skirts and Ray Bans. Here is my top five on getting you gorgeous self in the mood for summer- even if it is a balmy 15 degrees with scattered showers… The Bod: so it’s always a good idea to keep a basic level of maintenance, but you’d be forgiven if following the longest winter ever you’re now resembling an anemic hairy Mary. Now is the time to sort it, make an appointment with your hot wax lady and defuzz, even if bikini’s are only a pipe dream for now. Once the necessary has been taken care, get yourself a bottle of Nuxe Dry Oil and go nuts. I cannot recommend this stuff enough, it smells like bath-time when you were a kid, drying almost instantly with no greasy residue and is full of organic loveliness that leaves your skin gorgeously soft. NARS body oil has nothing on Nuxe and it won’t hit you in pocket half as hard either.

Nuxe Dry Oil

The Base: Face base can be hit or miss, generally bases contain silicon which is what smooth’s everything out and gives that flawless finish but is not so good for the skin so only recommended for special occasions.  Chanel Bronze de Soleil is really unique in texture, it’s not quite a mousse or a solid compact but something in between the two.  Since about seventeen I’ve been nothing short of obsessive about lathering on factor 35+ on my face and neck area, to minimize summer freckles (which really don’t suit me) and other sun damage. Now although this is good skincare practice it does tend to leave my face and neck four shades paler than my bronzed bod. Bronze de Soleil is great for building a tanned base beneath foundation and on the neck and collar bones. Also as it has no light reflecting shimmer it is one of the best contouring tools- and all wrapped up in Chanel’s glossy black and gold signature packaging.

Soleil Tan du Chanel Bronze

Colour Pop: Bright nails always spell summer and we’ve found a brilliant alternative to Shellac. Rimmel have just launched their Salon Pro Longwear nail polish  and we can’t get enough- the gloss finish and longevity factor is second to none with lots of bright summery shades (see post below- twice in one week; think it’s clear we LOVE!)

Rimmel Salon Pro

Beach Babe: Always a fan of a bronzed bod I get a little overly excited whenever new self-tan hits the shelves. Cocoa Brown, brain child of Marissa Carter, is a new express self-tan mousse that develops in 1-2 hours. I love how this applies, drying almost instantly which saves your neighbours on a 20 minute peep show. The result is definitely more brown than dreaded orange (something similar to fake bake- but a lot easier on application), and although it does develop in record time, I particularly like the finish when applied before bed and showered the next day. Cocoa Brown is an Irish brand available in pharmacies and Penney’s nationwide, priced €7.99.

Cocoa Brown Tanning Mousse

Facetime: A little summer glow is gorgeous on cheekbones and my new current favourite for this is Benefits Sun Beam. Ordinarily I’m a high beam advocate but this version has a lovely liquid gold finish instead of the pink pearl finish of high beam. Perfect applies on cheekbones, chin, cupids bow and even collar bones/shoulders if showing a little more skin.

Benefit SunBeam