Brow Envy


Eyebrows have been a hot topic in the beauty world for over a year now as ladyshapes everywhere realise the potential that a decent brow holds in changing your whole face- for the better we hope. Long gone are the plucked-to-death tadpoles of the 90's and in is the fuller, thicker, defined brow. Very few are lucky enough to be blessed by the gene-pool Gods to the extent of Cara Delevingne, and her most defining feature has to be those epic brows. The problem here is that unless you've already got a somewhat decent brow to start with, the 'Cara' can go very very wrong- queue the scouse-brow. Our two rules of thumb when working on brows are that:

A. They should NEVER start square- there is no place for harsh corners on brows.

B. Black is not an acceptable eyebrow colour for the masses- granted some darker beauties can work with black but in general it's a no.

Good Brows

Bad Brows

There's a few tips and tricks that are useful when determining where to shade the brow and how to avoid a scousebrow situation from arising (reminiscent of leaving cert Art class Still Life drawing, but they work!).

Imagine an imaginery line from the outside edge of your nose upward, this marks the point at which your brow should begin.

A second imaginery line (pease dont go drawing these lines...) from the tip of your nose cutting diagonally through your pupil points to the perfect positioning of your arch.

Finally a third imaginery line from your cupids bow above your top lip, past the outeredge of your nose and outer corner of your eye leads to the perfect spot where your brow should end.

Invisible lines...

I like to work with a sharp angled brush and powders on brows as I find the finish to be more natural. My two current favourites are:

LA Creative Angled Brush

Inglot Eyebrow Palette in Blonde

I like to start by combing the brow upward to the point of the natural arch, and then downward along the tail. I'm the proud owner of an impressive collection of make-up brushes and still I find a toothbrush the best tool for this (preferably one you're not planning on then polishing your pearly whites with). Next, starting about a quarter of the way in, I underline the brow- round at the arch and continuing  to the very end of the tail (tip her is to get powder on the very end of the angled brush, not the sides and keep the brush sharp). Then work this powder up through the brow, paying particular attention to any sparse areas and the arch. To give a sharp, clean finish, use a flat square lip/concealor brush to outline the brow with concealor- this really helps in giving you a sharp point at the tail of the brow. Finally I buff powder through the start of the brow and loosely comb out any excess powder.

And for any non-believers in the power of the eyebrow, check out these beauties without theirs!

Jennifer Aniston

Megan Fox

Angelina Jolie

B. xx