New Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish

Rimmel Salon Pro PolishesI admit, I have a bit of a nail polish obsession, I own way to many for just one person. I can't help it though, I'm drawn to all the lovely colours.

Just recently Rimmel London have launched a new nail polish that claims up to 10 days chip resistance and a very fashionable these days gel finish. I'm always a little bit weary when I see these kind of slogans as everything ALWAYS chips on me. I usually don't wear a nail polish for longer than 1-2 days.Rimmel Salon Pro Polishes

I bought a few bottles of the Salon Pro to see will it maybe last 3 days (which would be a great success in my eyes!!!) and I was blown away with the results! I often rave about nail polishes because of the colours but this formulation is simply amazing! I posted a photo on instagram of my day 7 nails painted with Reggae Splash (707) and there was no chips in sight! AFTER 7 FULL DAYS!!!! A lot of other companies are coming out with gel finish nail polishes these days so have a look around, I know that Clinique have launched a range that looks promising too.

One thing I noticed is that some of the colours apply a little bit more tricky than the others. The Reggae Splash (a pastel orange colour - gorgeous on tanned hands and feet) goes on a bit streaky, so apply carefully. You will have to do at least two coats of this one.

The pinkey-red Hip Hop (317) on the other hand applies beautifully in only one coat (this is EXTREMELY rare in nail polishes & cuts down on drying time, which is always a bonus).Rimmel Salon Pro Polishes

I really do love these nail polishes. If I had to pick a flaw it is the colour range - I didn't really see too many exciting shades, but I'm sure they will bring out more colours in this formulation. Other than that, well done Rimmel!! The price of these babies is just under 6 euro and they will be perfect for summer holiday fun :)