Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes & Hypnose Star Mascara


Lancome Hyonose MascaraThere is nothing like a little bit of mascara to make you look more awake, wide-eyed and just better in general. I, unfortunately, was "blessed" with fairly small eyes and straight lashes so a good lash curler and mascara are essential in my every day makeup routine. Even if I am staying at home, writing posts or cleaning on a Sunday I will put mascara on.

I try out lots of different makeup products and often change when it comes to lip or cheek products, even foundations. But with mascara it has been a monogamous relationship for over a year now... Well, nearly monogamous... So far I just haven't found anything better for day-to-day wear than the Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes and Hypnose Star mascaras.

Hypnose Doll Eyes

I reach for this one of I'm going for a natural makeup look. Because of the shape of the brush you can get the most wonderful rounded eye (hence the name ; ))! The brush is tapered so you can get right into the corners. Even though this formula isn't waterproof it doesn't smudge on me and is also fairly easy to take off with a gentle cleanser.Lancome Hyonose Mascara

Lancome Hyonose Mascara

Hypnose Star

This is, hands down, my favourite mascara of all least at the moment! I really thought I will never say this after using the Diorshow 360 mascara (which is amazing and still one of my favourites!!!)...but there it is. I've been using this for a good year now and not only does it give very nice defined lashes it also holds the curl! I've struggled with other mascaras that leave my lashes poker straight just minutes after applying. I've tried a few in a waterproof formula but they were such a hassle to remove that I just gave up.... until I tried the Hypnose Star! Plus the packaging is cute (black with silver glitter on the bottom) - always a bonus!

The wand on this mascara is a unique one too. It is also tapered but the sides of the wand are flat (have a look at the below photos). Initially I didn't really know what to do with it and how to get the full benefit of the shape but after a lot of trial and error I found that it is best to use the flat side to build volume at the root of the lashes and then comb through with the longer bristles. Definitely go have a look and try it out at a Lancôme counter.Lancome Hyonose MascaraLancome Hyonose Mascara Lancome Hyonose Mascara

What is your favourite mascara? Would love to try some new ones!

A xx