Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon

I am in love!

I spotted these lip crayons in boots and thought I’d give them a go. You have probably seen similar ones already, pretty much every cosmetic brand on the high street has their own version.Bourjois Colour Boost Lip CrayonsWhat drew me to these beauties is the fact that they claim to be long lasting, waterproof and hydrating. I bought shades 03 Orange Punch and 01 Red Sunrise and, oh boy, am I impressed! They are very pigmented and give a lot of colour to the lips staining them which makes the product last without having to reapply (maybe not full 10 h but way longer than any gloss or lipstick). I had Red Sunrise on all day in work the other day and it lasted the brilliantly, with just having to add a tiny bit in the corners of my mouth after eating a couple of times.Bourjois Red Sunrise Bourjois Orange PunchThe formula of the product is truly fabulous. Initially the product feels like a lip balm and is not sticky at all. After a while it starts sinking into the lips and feels like you have nothing on. I had to check several times to see if there is any colour left and was surprised to see that it was still all there, lovely and vibrant. Some of the staining lip products I have tried before can really dry out your lips and feel quite uncomfortable, the Bourjois Lip Crayon keeps your lips plump and hydrated (I can't stand dry lips!!!). The formulation is also waterproof which will come in handy on the beach and poolside! It has an SPF 15 and comes in 4 gorgeous, summery colours. I really hope they will develop more shades and keep these lovelies in the permanent range!

Red Sunrise

A x