Sweet Stuff

So as I may have happened to mention before I have a VERY sweet tooth which needs to be kept under control and there's nothing quite like this ultimate Rocky Road to hit the spot- it's so good I've had to ration myself with a cut-off limit and box the rest to get out of my sight; it otherwise has a habit of disappearing (strangely enough around the same time my skinnies have a habit of becoming tighter...) I can't explain how much people love this stuff- I churn out batches of the traditional favourite come silly season  but at this time of year its a lovely post BBQ treat to hit the spot when cut into bite size pieces. Great one to bring along to kids Birthday parties; I'd generally loose the nuts (someone's always allergic) and use more milk than plain chocolate if it's for the tiny tots.







Its always fun to try different variations, I like to mix up the type of nuts sometimes combining a few and together with quantities of plain and milk chocolate- the original (and probably best) recipe is by domestic goddess herself, Nigella Lawson and can be found here.