The Superbag

It seems that everyone and their dog has raved about this bag so inevitably I had to give in and.... I bought it. I have to cart around a laptop with me to work every day. I used to bring my handbag and a separate laptop bag - a quite hideous one I might add. Let's just say it's not a lot of fun trying to get into a mini cooper with two huge bags hanging out of me.Zara City Bag

This bag is a bit of a revelation to me - I need lots of space and the Zara Office City bag has loads of that! There is a padded laptop pouch in the middle, a padded iPad pouch, a card holder pocket and lots of other zippy compartments. I'm trying not to put too many things in this bag (a bad habit of mine, I found a screwdriver and a pair of socks in my bag once - at the same time!!) but I still need quite a bit of space for my big Moleskin planner, huge purse, sizable makeup bag and lots of other bits and pieces.

The bag is very sturdy and very good quality. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is on the go a lot and has to drag their office with them all the time. It does get quite heavy once the laptop is in but then again it's not as heavy as having a second bag on your shoulder. It is definitely the most roomy and practical bag I own, I love it! After the success of this bag Zara have added a few more stylish office bags to their collection and I really hope they keep it going for all the busy ladies out there!Zara City Bag Zara City Bag

Zara Office City Bag

A. xx