Get This...

I just disovered my latest miracle hair treatment that I cannot recommend enough, sad to think this little gem had fallen beneath the radar and was sitting under my nose since a glossybox delivery over six months ago... image

Biosilk Silk Therapy is amazing stuff. Having gotten use to the gorgeous scent of Morrocan Oil (Im afraid I might actually drink it one of these days) I was a little put off by the chemical smell of Biosilk but a few drops worked through damp hair before styling and the finish is noticeably much better and not just by me (I even got a 'are you wearing hair extensions?' the next day...!) There's a gorgeous softness that it gives together with a really a glossy finish- never easy to achieve on blonde hair AND (icing on the cake here) it's apparantly the choice haircare brand of Miss Universe peace anyone?!


Biosilk Silk Therapy is available to buy here