Magpie on a Budget

When it comes to New Look I can generally take or leave it, nothing against it but not their biggest fan...that is until I got lost for a well over an hour in the jewellery section today- am I the only one who didn't know about this?!  I'm easily distracted by anything shiny at the best of times, so was in my element by the ridiculous selection of gorgeous embellished necklaces that New Look are doing brilliantly. So many jewels, rope detail and lots of variety on length and colour- and the best part? They're mostly under €10! At that price I couldn't stop at one...!Magpie on a Budget

€6.99 down to €3.50 (!) New LookMagpie on a Budget2

€8.99 New Look (photographing more black here but the jewels are actually more ruby/berry)Magpie on a Budget3

€8.99 New Look. Got a little carried away- white shirt €22.99 also New Look!Magpie on a Budget4

Well worth checking out- a very easy way to vamp up your winter wardrobe and with change from a tenner!


(I got my goodies at New Look in Blanchardstown retail park)