With the shelves now fully stocked with festive goodies there's a lot I'm loving right now- too much for my bank balance actually! Just a few gems I'm loving at the minute...

1. Everything CiatéLovingIt's a habit of mine to flip from intense dislike to obsessing over a brand. I didn't really get Ciaté paint pots or what they had over Essie or OPI, but after holding them in my hands I now not just want, but need them all. Lucky for me McCabes in Dundrum Towncentre now stock a great range- they'll be seeing me a lot.

2. Brasserie 66Loving2It's been awhile since I'd visited Brasserie 66 but I was pleasantly surprised when we stopped by for some lazy Sunday lunch. I'd somehow forgot the warm bread on arrival and there are some superstar additions to the menu- you need to get ordering from the rotisserie roast oven section- trust me here, will cure even the groggiest of vodka remorse episodes.

3. Fairy LightsLoving3I'm not throwing myself into full blown festive mode just yet (although beware- not long til I do..!) but I'm loving warm twinkling fairy lights dotted around the house to warm up the darker evenings, particularly with the lack of a fireplace in our place. I'm mad for draping them around window frames, loosely resting on chests of drawers & filling old-fashioned glass jars with them; I blame Pinterest!

(Btw battery pack fairy lights from Penneys & vintage jar from Woodies...€6 well spent!)Loving4

4. MK Studded CollectionLoving5Like most ladyshapes in my life, I have a soft spot for Mr.Kors and have been lusting after the gorgeous studded bags and wallets in his latest collection- fueled somewhat by the full afternoons spent in the new Michael Kors store in Dundrum Towncentre (and Harvey Nichols..!) Anyway I was lucky enough to welcome this beauty into my handbag, you have to love a late birthday pressie- can't get enough of the gold studs againest the bright purple.Loving6

5. Cocktails at OpiumLoving7Having strained my neck driving along Wexford St. to get a glimpse of what was coming together next to Whelan's, I got to check out one of Dublin's newest haunts Opium for myself this weekend. I'm in love with how the venue is styled and apparently there's a full Asian fusion menu on the way soon. The cocktail menu is well worth the visit in it's own right...whoever put passionfruit and vanilla together is a mixologist genius!