Geek Chic Gifts

Geek Chic GiftsI'm far from cutting edge when it comes to tech & electronics, I can handle a smart phone or excel file with the best of them but that's about where it ends. To avoid insulting the tech savvy and in the name of sticking to what I know, these gifts are based more around geek chic accessories and gadgets than next generation hardware...

  1. Tetris Lamp, £24.50 (approx €29.50 +shipping), available from Amazon
  2. iTouch five finger touch screen gloves, £15 (approx €18) available from House of Fraser, Dundrum Towncentre
  3. Studded Tablet Case, suitable for iPad 2 and iPad Retina, €29.95, available from Zara
  4. Quest Retro Docking Station & Radio, €124.99, available from
  5. Earmuff Headphones, (Oatmeal) €27.99 Littlewoods Ireland
  6. Nike Fuel Band in Rose Gold, $169 (approx €125 + shipping), available from
  7. Michael Kors Studded Phone Wristlet €120.00, Harvey Nichols
  8. Crystalline USB stick- 145 Swarovski crystals adorning 4GB of memory, $60.00 (approx €45.00 + shipping) available from
  9. Heart headphone splitter- perfect stocking filler for lovebirds, reduced to £3 at
  10. Chanel nail polish iPhone cover, €5.29 (+ shipping) from Etsy

For some in-depth reviews from those with the tech smarts, check out Girl About Tech or Ciaran's Tech Blog

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