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I think a little part of us all enjoys creating a beautiful space to live in. This doesn't necessarily involve taking on Nigella for the domestic goddess title, but can be more around finding quirky ways to store jewellery, using candles to create the illusion of a fireplace where there is none or even the love of a good throw cushion. As fun as it is to take on the social whirlwind that is silly season, sometimes it's even nicer (secret elderly...) to swap your stiletto's for something of the furry variety and hibernate with your nearest and dearest in your effortlessly stylish (of course) surroundings. Gifts along these lines can be especially nice as often they're objects of desire you wouldn't really get around to buying for yourself...

1. Owl Jewellery Dish, €10.96, ASOS 2. Picture Frame Wall Stickers, €35.17 (pack of seven), Not on the Highstreet 3. Avoca Baby Blanket, €44.95 available from Avoca Stores Nationwide 4. A.U Maison Giant Star Cushion, €55.00 Urban Outfitters (online exclusive) 5. Kare Patchwork Wing Bench, reduced to £88.00 (approx €104.39 + delivery) from Amazon 6. Personalised Marquee Letter Light Print, €50.24 by The Drifting Bear Company available from Not on the Highstreet 7. Weekly Chalk Board Planner, €55, Next Home 8. Max Benjamin Lemongrass and Ginger scented candle, €18.95 Max Benjamin 9. Domestic Sluttery: Cheat your way to the perfect lifestyle, £11.99 (approx €14.22 + delivery) amazon.co.uk 10. All You Need is Love print, from €32.99, thecanvasworks.ie

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