Kardashian's Seasons Greetings

There's a longstanding tradition stateside for families, couples, sometimes pets... to 'do' a KardashiansHoliday greeting card (i.e. shoot a cheesy Christmas jumper photo with a fake snowy background). The Kardashian clan are famous for their annual Holiday card, with this years offering totting up a whopping $250,000 (holy crap). Master photographer David LaChapelle did the honours, shooting their vegas style, circus themed card- not a snowflake or Christmas jumper in sight...

The boys were generally off the hook for this one, with the only male presence being cutester Mason and a glass caged Bruce.KardashiansBaby Knorth is also out of the picture (literally) with a clever cameo by Kanye & Lamar, strategically gracing the cover of magazines on scattered on the floor.

KardashiansStill, not a patch on this gem taken a few years back...!Kardashians

A Kardashian blast from the past!

B. x

Photo Credits: News.com.au & eonline.com

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