Skyn Iceland Skin Hangover Kit

Skyn Iceland Skin Hangover KitNot sure about you, but if I have had a few drinks or a late night it shows on my face the next morning... a lot! I don't only have the traditional dark circles under my eyes but my whole face puffs up. It also happens when I'm sick or at that time of the month. To combat this pretty nasty condition I usually go with a flannel cloth and ice cold water. If it's very bad I'll resort to these gel masks that are kept in the fridge and lie down on the couch with it on for a few minutes. It works nicely for reducing puffiness but I quite like the idea of hydrating and replenishing skincare products. I have been using the Skyn Iceland Hydro Firming Eye Gels for a long time now (a lot of makeup artists carry them in their kit, they come in handy when your model or bride has had a sleepless night). When I was in M&S last week I discovered this little Skin Hangover Kit that includes  the Eye Gels and few other hangover rescue goodies for your skin.Skyn Iceland Skin Hangover Kit

The kit includes 2 packs of the Eye Gels (they firm up the under-eye area, combat puffiness and dark circles), a full size Icelandic Relief Eye Pen (light eye cream providing relief to a puffy and tired under-eye area), a Cooling Daily Lotion (gorgeous lightweight cooling facial moisturiser that hydrates and detoxifies stressed skin) and a Arctic Face Mist (a multivitamin face mist that replenishes stressed and thirsty skin).

Cult product: Skyn Iceland Eye Gels

Skyn Iceland is a paraben-free, natural brand with cosmetics specifically designed to combat the ailments of stressed skin, a brand well worth checking out! This kit is now part of my little emergency stash of products I whip out when my skin is having a freakout.

Skyn Iceland products are available from Marks & Spencer. The Skin Hangover Kit comes in at €24 in Ireland, £17.50 in the UK. I think it makes a fabulous stocking filler for Christmas, when hangovers, skin or otherwise, will be a constant occurrence, I'm sure.

You can buy the Skin Hangover Kit here.

A. xx

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