Summer Skin in Winter

Clarins Liquid BronzeI am always very careful with self tanners, facial or otherwise. The truth is, I'm just no good at it! I will get streaks on myself with the most foolproof tanners out there! After a lot of trial and error, I came to the conclusion that I am alright with gradual tanners for my body & really love the Garnier and Dove ones. As for my face, I tried several tanners and gradual tanning creams but pretty much everything I used settled in my pores and left me with little brown dots on my face, especially around my nose. Gross! Some of them also really clung to dry skin and made that area darker than the rest - not a good look I won't even mention the smell of some of them! If tan goes wrong on your body you can somehow conceal it, with your face, unfortunately, it's not that easy! I just gave up.

A while ago I was traveling and found myself at the airport shop in Dublin with some time to waste. I came across the Liquid Bronze at the Clarins counter and having remembered reading good reviews about it before I decided to pick it up. And I am so happy I did! It's an absolutely gorgeous product. It's a liquid, milky texture and is easy to spread on your face with just a cotton pad or your fingers.  The Liquid Bronze works overnight and develops the colour evenly on the skin. It also seems to absorb into the skin rather than sit on top, a bit like a toner so it doesn't cling to pores, lines or dry skin (or pillow cases, for that matter). The smell of the product is ok, it doesn't smell of biscuits or burning toast, it smells like a lot of facial creams do, kind of floral / soapy. It's not a very natural scent but it doesn't linger for too long and has not bothered me at all.

I use the Liquid Bronze about once a week, literally just to give my skin a bit of a healthy glow and take the edge off my blue paleness. This is the only facial tanner I would recommend from the ones I used. I think it will come in handy during the summer too - I use very high SPF on my face and end up with my body a bit darker than my face & neck...

Clarins Liquid Bronze for face and decollete costs €26 and is available in Boots and other Clarins counters.

A. xx

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