Exciting: Wet N Wild Now Available in Ireland

Wet N WildIf you have been doing your weekly shop in Dunnes Stores lately you may have noticed an exciting change in the cosmetics isle: The Catrice stands have been replaced with the USA brand Wet N Wild (don't worry, Catrice is still available in chemists in Ireland). If you're a beauty buff you would have heard of the overseas brand through USA bloggers and youtubers raving about the stuff. And with good reason - not only is Wet N Wild makeup extremely affordable, it is also very good quality.

The selection of products is overwhelming at first, there is so many things that look great.Wet N Wild

Here are a few bits I have picked up and tried so far...... and I am really impressed! I picked up a Lipstick (in Red Velvet), Lip Liner (in Berry Red), Nail Polish (in Haze of Love), Single Eye Shadow (in Nutty), Blush (in Heather Silk) and a Eye Shadow Trio (in Walking on Eggshells).

Wet N WildI have to say, the lipstick and liner are absolutely fantastic (they will appear in their very own post shortly)! The pigmentation and formula are very good, the liner is soft and the colours are just beautiful. The blush is lovely too, it is very, very (!!!) strongly pigmented though, so make sure you take most of it off the brush on the back of your hand before you put it on your face!!Wet N Wild

The eye shadow in Nutty is another little favourite of mine. It's a funny one, looks like a purple brown in the pan but on the lid it transforms itself into this amazing warm brown duo-chrome shade! I also liked the colours in the eye shadow trio, the only thing I missed was a bit more of a matte shade for the crease but there are other pallets in the range that include matte shades. The formula of the eye shadows is fantastic, they are really buttery and lovely to apply. The eye lid colour in this pallet is very similar to MACs All That Glitters!Wet N WildThe nail polish is good as well, I wore it with my trusted Seche Vite topcoat and it lasted nicely on the nails! It applies very evenly and was perfect in two coats. Here's a photo I tweeted earlier this week:Wet N Wild

So far I am very impressed with most things I have tried, the only thing I didn't get on with the XXL Lash mascara, but I am very fussy when it comes to mascara, so don't let me discourage you from trying it!

I also noticed (and have been told by some blogger friends) that there are some pale bronzer shades available in the Wet N Wild collection, which is absolutely amazing for us fair skinned gals, so definitely check those out!

So head over to your nearest Wet N Wild stand and have  a look, it's so worth it! I still cannot believe how affordable the Wet N Wild makeup is, the prices range from €1.99 to €6.49.

Wet N Wild is available in Dunnes Stores, selected Penneys and retailers nationwide.

Have you tried Wet N Wild yet?

A. xx

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