Feel the Burn

Feel The BurnFeel The Burn2And so we find ourselves in freezing, dark, dull mid-January. Snore. Most of us are broke, a little blue and a little heavier than this time last month (selection boxes...enough said). The one magical remedy that's an instant mood lifter, costs nothing if you're willing to brave the cold and is a definite step toward summer skimpies is to get your ass up and out for some much needed calorie burning. Fear not, as much as I enjoy a spin class or decent run we're no fitspo blog (love of all things butter-based dictates here) but it really is the best medicine for all things post-Christmas and gets 2014 off to a great start. The hardest bit is getting up and out, and there are two simple things that can help here..

Number one is the playlist. Yes it's dark, it's below zero, you've been in work all day and are tired- but without thinking put your favourite tune on loud, get ready and get out- no further thinking required! If you find yourself lacking a bit of imagination, you can download shape.com's readymade cardio playlist here.

Number two (more importantly) is your workout gear. Truth be told I've no problem with holey leggings and an old man vest, the idea is to sweat after all- BUT, if you're struggling to get moving there's actually something lovely about changing into some gorgeous bright active wear to channel your inner gym bunny. A few favourites for getting your sweat on....Feel The Burn

1. Layered Skinny Workout Capri €19.75, Forever 21 2. 3-pack Hairbands, €2.95, H&M 3. Under Armour Women's Qualifier Jacket, €40 (reduced from €85.00), Lifestyle Sports 4. Under Armour Fitted Crew Pink, €42.00, Elvery's 5. Medium Impact - Reversible Floral Sports Bra, €13,75, Forever 21 6. 3-pack ankle socks, €7.95, H&M 7. Nike Free TR4 iD Women's Training Shoe, €155, available to customize on Nike's online store

Now enjoy your hard earned endorphins & say goodbye to the January blues!

B x

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