L'Oreal Paris Studio Line #TXT

L'Oreal TXTI love big hair, the bigger the better, really. I love that not too done, laid back style that makes you look like your hair is wild and fabulous but you didn't make a huge effort, even though it probably took a great deal of time, very hot appliances and a good few products.

Most of my hair products, including shampoo and heat protectant have the word volume on the packaging somewhere. So needless that to say, I was very excited to see the L'Oreal #TXT Volume Spray and Wave Creating spray appear in my local Boots.

First up, the Wave Creating Spray. My hair is quite long and wavy (in a frizzy way). I normally reach for my Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (which I still love!!) but the L'Oreal offering is certainly much cheaper and does the job just as well. For a beachy wave look you need to spray a bit of the Wave Creating Spray into towel dried (still damp!) hair and blow dry. I usually blow-dry my hair upside down for added volume and scrunch it up while blasting with the dryer. My hair is temperamental so some days that is enough and I look respectable but sometimes it just won't sit properly and then I would use a curling wand to put in 5-6 random curls in my hair and when they are cool shake them out.

Now for the Volume Supersizing Spray. There's lots of backcombing / texturising sprays on the market these days, pretty much every hair brand does one. I have to say I really do like the L'Oreal #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray and have used it every day since I bought it. I just spray a little bit of this into my hair, concentrating on the roots, after I'm done with all my heat styling. Up until now I was using a mixture of the Batiste Backcomb Powder and hairspray but the Batiste powder can make your hair feel a bit sticky and dirty if not used sparingly.

Here I have both products in my hair and I have put 3 curls in my hair in the front section as my hair went a bit frizzy there. Apologies for the obvious lack of makeup in this photos... it was early in the morning ; )

Considering that each of these products is less than €5 I really have nothing bad to say about them (I actually got these on offer from Boots for €8 for the two of them). There are some other styling products in this line (clays etc.)- I'm assuming for shorter hair.

Volume Supersizing Spray  and Wave Creating Spray both €4.99 from Boots.

A. xx

P.S. - Sorry for the candy canes, post was written before Christmas and then the schedule got mixed up ; )

A. xx

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