60 Second Hair

60 Second HairTruth be told this is more like 30 second hair! I came accross this little hair wonder on Pinterest and made it my mission to scour H&M's  nationwide to find it...turns out my first try came good (and with change from a fiver!). I am a fan of the messy bun but not so much of the 'doughnut' insert often used for this style- it's just a little to 'done' and always imagine a full can of hairspray being used to hold it in place. I like that this little gadget has a more natural finish using only your own hair; there's not so much padding as the original doughnut version and so it can be styled a little messier.

The bonus here is what happened next! I was wondering what my hair situation would be like in the morning if I slept with it in place- with a lovely velvety finish it didn't in anyway impact a decent nights sleep (unlike the hellish nightmares I get from leave-in rollers!!). This was going to go one of two ways, soft bouncy curls or weirdly shaped corkscrew-frizz for the day ahead.60 Second Hair

Delighted to report that soft bouncy curls followed- with zero heat applied. I'm actually a little obsessed with this little gem now- the simplest way ever to curl your hair, with no heat damage and while you sleep. Would highly recommend giving this a shot! (excuse the pre-dawn, backward selfie).

B. xx

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