Dog Chsing Cat, Alex Chasing Dog

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I sometimes think I live in a sitcom. These ridiculous thinks happen to me & I am just waiting for an audience to burst out laughing at me. A few weeks ago I locked myself out of my house, in my PJ's and my husbands massive jacket. It was 7.30 am, all of my neighbours were leaving for work and there I was stuck outside looking like a lunatic. I scared the neighbour's 10-year old son.

This is nothing compared to today. I had the pleasure of running cross country all over my neighbours (yes, the entire row of houses!) back gardens after my little Jack Russel, Missy, who decided it would be a great idea to jump over the (really high) fence and chase the poor cat from next door. It took me a while to realize what happened, she literally vanished within a minute. So basically the visual to this story is me screaming: "Missy, you little s**t, come back here, you're in so much trouble", with my face half made up, by now covered in muck, jumping over fences after the dog, who is frantically running after the cat.

I finally caught up with them, grabbed Mischief (her full name, how apt!) and proceeded to climb over the fences to get back to my own garden. I know two of my neighbours saw me, they now surely think I am insane. I know crazy things happen to everybody, I am just particularly prone to attracting them & the worst thing is that the people who know me, know that it's kind of my "thing". My family are not even surprised anymore when I call them and to ask to be rescued from ridiculous situations!

I just hope the cat is not too traumatised!

Do you guys have any crazy, maybe slightly embarrassing things that happened to you? It would make me feel better if you do... : )

A. xx

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