Berry Banana Bread

Banana BreadMy banana bread obsession began back when I was living in Australia and it's continued on strong ever since. I'd make it everyday if I could, there's nothing quite as comforting as warm banana bread straight out of the oven. This is a really simple version using blueberries.

I'd generally add broken walnuts to the mix but as himself and his nut-phobia was craving something sweet too, I left them out. Also I opted for a tray-bake style for this one instead of the traditional loaf tin. Finally a tip with this one is the riper the bananas the better, they're sweeter when starting to brown a little and perfect for baking. I've yet to come across a tastier way to get your hit of anti-oxidants and potassium for the day (we'll just turn a blind eye to the butter and sugar for now..!).

The full recipe is available here, ready in 45mins start to finish and is a definite new favourite!


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