Bookworm: My Coffee Table Book Picks

Coffee Books CollectionI love a coffee table book. Not in an obscure, artsy, trendier-than-thou way, but more so objects of my affection- books I truly love, mostly received as gifts and generally around beauty, fashion and food (shocker I know!). Now I'm hardly claiming these to be literary masterpieces and I do actually have a proper book collection in my possession too; but here are a few of my current favourite fun reads to flick through on a lazy Sunday afternoon...

(clockwise from top)

1. Domestic Sluttery, Cheat Your way to the Good Life 2. Limited Edition Barbie Book (because I'm nine....and it's a gorgeous book) 3. Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual 4. The Hummingbird Bakery: Cake Days

What are your favourite books to flick through on a lazy duvet day?


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