Wax On, Wax Off

Brazilia Waxing

Now if I’m honest, leg waxing isn’t something that’s been top of my list for a few years now. I’m somewhere in the middle of my laser treatment for bikini area but was told by my decently honest therapist I’d be throwing money away doing my legs as my hair here is quite fair and laser tends to only really be effective on darker hair. And so my love hate relationship with razors continued, loving the quick convenient no-brainer of two minutes extra in the shower- but hating the tender red and bumpy effect I was getting for the most part. Yes smooth, but definitely not silky. And so when offered the chance to celebrate Brazilia's Eight Birthday with a treatment I jumped at the opportunity. It must be six or seven years since I last allowed someone at my legs with hot wax, and memories of this were a very different experience to  what’s on offer now.

In preparation for my hot wax date, I had to put in a few weeks (four is recommended) of grow-out time. This was actually harder than I thought. Being the coldest person in the history of all time it was no challenge keeping my pins under wraps but more so finishing in the gym, mindlessly hopping in the shower razor in hand and on running it halfway up my first calf before realizing what I’d done and muttering a string of profanities…so after having to start my ‘grow-out’ from scratch on a few various occasions I got there in the end. My waxing was done at Brazilia on South William St and my waxing guru for the day was the lovely Sophie- who assured me that despite my concerns I don’t have man legs and my growth was actually on the weaker side, meaning I’d probably get that bit longer out of the treatment (although men’s legs, backs, chests and ahem ‘other areas’ make up a considerable portion of Brazilia’s bookings, with regular couples booking in for their de-fuzzing together- and they say romance is dead!)Brazilia Waxing

Sophie used Lycon hot wax on my legs, the benefit being it forms a much thinner layer than traditional wax and allows the therapist to wax over the same spot multiple times without causing sensitivity- a definite plus for my somewhat sensitive skin. I was also pleasantly surprised by her technique, short and quick strokes definitely took the edge off the ouch factor and in less than a half hour I was done and delighted with the result. The very slight redness was completely gone by the next morning by which time I was free to take hot showers and tan until my heart’s content. Lycon also do a mango & guava sugar scrub which Sophie advised is best actually applied on dry skin before showering off to avoid dreaded ingrown hairs.

Two weeks on and it's safe to say I'm a little bit in love with my smooth and silky legs and only now am realising how much I hated inevitable stubble from shaving. I think this is one I'll be keeping up from now on- if nothing else then solely in the hope of a hot summer with plenty of bare leg opportunities; I'll be ready and waiting!

B. xx

*As mentioned above, this was a complimentary treatment however all opinions expressed are genuine ones and as with all our posts, we do not endorse brands or treatments that we have not had a positive experience with.

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