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gosh CC cream

First there was tinted moisturizer- or if you needed to break out the big guns, some heavy duty foundation– our saving grace as spotty teenagers. Later came bronzing bases and silicone primers, welcome additions to smooth out imperfections and guarantee a full days face stays put. Roll on 2014 and we’ve a spectrum of skin perfecting products at our fingertips, from Blemish Balms to CC creams with varying levels of coverage available. A CC or Colour Corrective cream is just that- a base which generally contains corrective undertones to counteract rosacea, pigmentation, greyness etc.

Every now and then the postman beings us something lovely along with the bills, and not so long ago the lovely beauty experts over at Gosh Cosmetics sent us their CC Cream Illuminating Foundation to give a whirl. To be honest I’ve mixed feelings on CC creams, I generally have pretty neutral tone and am fortunate enough not to suffer with pigmentation issues- partially the reason why when I find a foundation I love, it tends to turn into a long-term relationship where I’ll stay faithful to the one brand (very un-beauty blogger of me!)

Gosh CC Cream Swatch

I tried Gosh CC Cream Illuminating Foundation in 04 Natural. This shade has lovely neutral undertones, not too yellow or pink,  which melt into my skin really well and there’s a definite highlighting quality to it. The beauty of this CC cream is its perfecting benefits without completely masking your own complexion- perfect for office lighting. It contains SPF 10 which is a bonus for daywear, although you might still want to consider applying a higher SPF with your moisturizer if spending a lot of time outdoors (literally the best thing you can do for your skin- together with guzzling litres of water!) I love that this is an oil free foundation, allowing you to build up coverage without an oil slick situation developing on your T-zone. If your pigmentation is less than perfect and you favour bright, natural coverage, then this might just be the perfect base for you- well worth checking out!

Gosh CC Cream Illuminating Foundation is available from Gosh stockists nationwide.

B. xx

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