St Moriz Shimmer: Get Your Legs Out Ladies!


St Moriz ShimmerI am not a huge tanner... In fact, I got it so wrong (streaks, patches) several times that I gave up and vowed to embrace my paleness. I've recently decided (after seeing some photos of me standing next to some other girls who didn't have blue toned, milky white skin!!) to ease myself back into tanning - I can't use proper self tanner at the moment as I am having laser treatment - with the help of some wash off tans.

The St Moriz Wash Off Shimmer* is a recent discovery and I have to say I am rather impressed. This products is also available in a completely mat formulation but I quite like the fine golden particles here, even though I generally stay away from glittery products. Don't worry, it won't give you disco ball legs! It just leaves a gorgeous, delicate sheen on your skin (looks AMAZING on legs!). I applied it with the St Moriz mitt and the lotion dried really quickly on my skin, there was no transfers on my clothes and even though the tan didn't stain I was able to wash it off in the shower with just a bit of shower gel - no scrubbing necessary.St Moriz ShimmerI hear, from more experienced tanners that this product is also fantastic to top of your spray tan and even it out when it starts wearing off. By applying a thin layer you can breath a bit of freshness & glow back into into your skin.

The price tag for this product is an incredible €5 for a large (150ml) bottle and is available in Penney's, some supermarkets, Boots and pharmacies.

Here's a shot of my legs, one very obviously pasty and the other one with a thin layer of the St Moriz Shimmer. You can see, the tan is not too dark and looks really natural.

Excuse the scratches on my leg - I was playing with my dog before I took this photo!

So now that the weather is getting warmer & the sun has come out give it a try, even if you are a novice tanner like me! If I can do it anyone can!!

Have you ever tried any St Moriz products? What are your thoughts?

A. xx

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