Domestic Goddess: My Favourite Quirky Cookbooks


Quirky Cookbooks

Now I'm far from a domestic goddess but every now and then I summon up my inner Martha Stewart and take to the kitchen to create some culinary masterpieces. I adore cookbooks; as in I'll sit on the couch and flick through them looking at all the gorgeous food photography (that's normal, right...?!) Here are just a few of my very favourite slightly quirky cookbooks, lovely to look at, lovely coffee table books and make such beautiful gifts for any foodie...

Clockwise from top: Primrose Bakery Cookbook, Homegrown Harvest, Eat Like a Man, Primal Cravings

The Primrose Bakery Book

For quirky sweet treats from Nutella cupcakes to Friands, The Primrose Bakery Book has some great ideas to get your sugar fix not to mention the most beautiful food photography.

Homegrown Harvest

If organic is you thing, Homegrown Harvest is a collection of comfort food recipes, the idea being all the ingredients are ones which you can grow in your windowbox, garden or allotment. All very Avoca-esque, it's a lovely read (available at Avoca).

Eat Like a Man

Now truth be told, this was bought as a Christmas stocking filler for himself with an agenda (as in 'look what I got you/me'!) Published by Esquire, Eat Like a Man is what you'd imagine; meat, meat and more meat! As a steak enthusiast this sits well with me, also a great one to have on hand come barbecue season.

Primal Cravings

I'm a big believer in staying fit and eating right, and although I can safely say I'll never fully subscribe to a rigid eating regime, I love the whole clean eating principles of the Paleo Diet (aka The Caveman Diet- essentially cutting out processed foods). Primal Cravings is guide to creating delicious nutrient dense fast-food style favourites but with health benefits to boot!

B. xx

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