Perfect Golden Glow: Lycon Spray Tan

Beach blonde

In another life, I’m a tanned Hawaiian beach bum with naturally sun-kissed golden locks. In reality I live in Dublin, Ireland and can only maintain said tan and sun-kissed golden locks with regular assistance from the hair and beauty professional big guns. That said, I get a little overly excited whenever a I get to try a tan than not only looks great (and by great I mean evenly bronze with no nasty orange undertones) but also fits in with my lifestyle. As my Dublin Marathon training gets underway (Olympics here I come), I’m constantly on the lookout for beauty products and treatments that can cope with sweaty workouts followed by whatever social butterflying needs doing that weekend. And just recently, I came across an absolute winner.

Always a fan of the beauty superstars at Brazilia, I was delighted to get the chance to try out their Lycon Tan- and just in time for our Punchestown Ladies Day Scouting invite. Now I’m no stranger to spraytans, having once upon a time had a standing appointment for my weekly Thursday night top-up, but this Lycon spray-tan has a couple of things going for it that you wouldn’t expect. Firstly it smells lovely. I kid you not, its coconut scent is actually body lotion nice and testament to this was the lack of ‘you stink’ from my adoring boyfriend on returning home following my tan (at least I can count on him for an honest opinion!) the real piece-de-resistance here with this one, is that you can shower as soon as ONE HOUR after your tan. That’s right, sixty minutes and you’re good to hop in the shower. The lovely Cindy did my tan (would highly recommend) and she explained that you can leave for a few hours to develop a deeper colour, but showering before bed is absolutely fine. So I guess this means I can go back to buying white bed sheets!

Lycon Tanned Legs

Lycon Exfoliant

My final gold star here goes to the wear-off; my least favourite part of the tanning process. What’s the point in having a few days of flawless tan if only to be followed by a few days of trying to hide the weirdly marbled effect of deep bronze versus Irish porcelain? Irish porcelain eventually always wins this battle. Sad face. Cindy advised using the Lycon exfoliant (I have their Mango & Guava one), but get this on dry skin in order to evenly lift the tan as it naturally wears off followed by showering off and lathering on a decent moisturizer. Worked a treat and at no point were long sleeves a requirement to hide my tan situation. I’ve a wedding coming up in June and have already booked my next Lycon spray tan in- this one gets a massive thumbs up if you’re in search of the perfect golden glow, well worth a try!

 B. xx

*I got my Lycon Spraytan at Brazilia in Sandyford (01) 293 4858, Sometimes we're lucky enough to get to try out treatments, however rest assured our reviews are always our completely honest experience of a product or treatment.

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