Easy Decor: DIY Golden Tray


Easy Decor: DIY Golden TrayIt is no secret that I am obsessed with anything gold lately. I have been spray painting  everything in my house that won't run away from me... Trays have also been all the rage in interior magazines lately and rather than spending our hard earned cash on a one in the shop we had a fun time painting and styling an old tray ourselves.

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There are a ton of different ways you can use and style a tray: coffee table books, candles, jewelery stands, skincare, fragrances, drinks... The possibilities are endless. The golden one we made in the video below lives in my guest room at the moment and is the home of some of my favourite coffee table books, a This Works candle and some fresh flowers in a mason jar.

Spray painting is really easy and can transform some of your less loved items into cool & bespoke home decor. Check out our how-to video below and make sure to give it a try!

A. xx

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