Loccitane: Let's Go To Brazil...

Loccitane Made in BrazilI have to admit the football part of the World Cup is leaving my pretty lukewarm (I can hear my husband sigh in exasperation even as I type this..) but I wish nonetheless that I was over there now, sipping cocktails & enjoying the sunny weather of Rio. I would even watch a football game if I had to. But even though I can't be there in the sun, I can be there in spirit... (or scent, to be more precise) with the new L'Occitane Made in Brazil collection.

Each of the products was designed from three crucial elements: a specific geographical region, a natural ingredient and local artist. For this collection L'Occitane has adopted two new plants from Brazil: Jenipapo (a citrus tree from the Cerrado region) and Vitória Régia (a water lilly from the Amazon.

Vitória Régia (artist: Joana Lira) This collection, inspired by the Brazilian water lily and contains two fragrances the Day Flower and Night Flower to follow the natural rhythm of this aquatic plants life. During the day the lily sleeps covered up to protect itself from the sun and at night it blooms to reveal it's blush pink petals.

The Vitória Régia Night Flower* fragrance is a deep floral scent. It is sensual, yet still feels refreshing with notes of lime, peony, musk and sandalwood. A gorgeous nighttime fragrance that is sexy but not too heady.

The Vitória Régia Day Flower* fragrance is very fresh and green with notes of orange and lemon, gardenia, victoria amazonica and lilly of the valley. This is a fantastic day fragrance - refreshing and perfect for a hot day!

Vitória Régia Day Flower Hand Cream

Jenipapo (artist: Andrés Sandoval) This line is a selection of suncare and fragranced products inspired by the moisturising properties of the Jenipapo fruit. Here you can expect gorgeous floral and fruity notes, with hints of citrus and vanilla. These products smell like they are good enough to eat!!

I particularly love the Jenipapo Body Jelly Milk SPF 20*. It is ultra light, not greasy at all and smells divine! This will have you not only protected from sun damage but also smelling amazing on the beach! And should you need to top up your scent in the evening you can use the same scent in a handy Oil Roll-On*. It's a tiny bottle that will be perfect for traveling or the handbag!

There are a few more products in the range: shower gel, body lotion, lip balm and a face sun protection veil with SPF 30.

So, if like I you are staying on this end of the world during summer 2014 head over to L'Occitane and give this collection a sniff! It is no secret that I love L'Occitane products and I can highly recommend this collection - it really is summer on the beach in a bottle!

Have you tried any Brazil themed products this summer?


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