My At-Home Five Minute Facial

Five Minute Facial

As much as I love a decent facial, dozing off to whale music and aromatherapy scents while a therapist massages my worries away, the fact remains that in Ireland they don’t come cheap. And so unfortunately it’s not a treatment I get to enjoy all that often. Sad face.

I have, however, stumbled upon a seriously effective five minute at home facial that doesn’t break the bank. Quick enough to work into your bedtime routine at least once a week, I’ve actually had comments on my ‘glowy skin’ the following day and can notice a real difference in how soft my skins is and how beautifully make-up applies afterwards. You’ll need four products and no more than five minutes to pull this one off.

On clean wet skin, apply Biore One Minute Self-Heating Mask. Boxed complete with handy individual sachets, in all honesty these were an impulse buy on filling a basket with Boots goodies but I love them. Having read mixed reviews on how the mask of the moment GlamGlow is merely flashy branding, I decided to give purifying charcoal mask a go on a whim and the results were fab.

Sephora Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder

Next up is a quick micro scrub with Sephora Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder. There’s a few of these on the market, the most well-known probably being Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant, Sephora’s* version comes in a sizeable jar complete with a salt-shaker top to keep application clean and simple. This is my absolute favourite skin care product at the moment. It’s gentle on application and reveals absolute baby-soft skin without being harsh or abrasive.

Following this is the cult classic Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron, enabling skin to hold up to 1,000 times it's weight in moisture- so seriously magnifying the results of what you apply next. And to finish off, a generous dose of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil- packed with organic goodness to nourish skin while you sleep. The result I get with this is nothing short of glowing skin- worth investing five minutes of your bedtime routine in every now and then (whale music and aromatherapy candles optional!).

B. xx

*Sephora now ship to UK, meaning we can avail of the delivery genius that is Parcel Motel and receive orders in Ireland.

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