Summer Styling: Take One Pair of Shorts...


Holiday Packing

Packing. It's not an easy task, especially when you're getting charged by the kilo and have ten days and nights worth of outfits to pull out of that bag of tricks. The secret here is to double up your casuals as evening outfits, make sure at least some pieces are plain enough staples that can work just as easily at the beach as with cocktails when the sun goes down.

Holiday Lookbook: Day to Night


Case in point, the simple cut-off jean shorts. Truth be told, my very favourite pair were originally my favourite jeans which having been worn to the point of no return, I took to them with a scissors and up-cycled into short shorts. They're the perfect beach bum get-up with a fringed vest top and do a double act into the night when teamed with heels, a white shirt and embellished clutch. The same double-up principle can be applied to white skinnies, a little black dress or any staple piece generally in a solid colour.

Now just don't go filling up all that extra case room with make-up; it's surprising what fifteen nail polishes can weigh!

B. xx

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