New Favourite: Harmonising Cleanse by Elemental Herbology


Harmonising Cleanse by Elemental Herbology

After meeting the lovely & amazing queen of skincare (queue Caroline Hirons) and having a little chat with her about my skin concerns I have made some additions to my skincare routine. After some research i picked up this little gem from Space NK.

My skin is the worst mix of oily, dry and severe dehydration (blessed with the best of all worlds!). A lot of people are horrified at the idea of putting more oil onto their already oily skin but, trust me, it works! A good cleansing oil will not only properly clear your pores but also hydrate your skin and prevent your skin from producing even more sebum.

I chose the Harmonising Cleanse by Elemental Herbology because it is a balancing oil that is perfect for combination skin and skin that suffers from hormonal fluctuation (yep, that's me too!). It is infused with 100% plant oils such as Argan Oil (rich in Vitamin E), Jojoba Oil (helps to balance oil production) & Sweet Almond Oil (soothes and nourishes the skin).

I use this oil as a second step of my evening cleansing routine (after my Clinique Cleansing Balm that removes my make-up) and most of the time I will also use it in the morning. I massage a small amount of the oil into dry skin (making sure I give myself a decent facial massage as I go) and then use a flannel soaked in some warm water to wash it off.  At the very end I give my face a rinse with some water and that's it! My skin feels lovely and fresh but in no way tight or stripped.

The Harmonising Cleanse has helped with my blocked pores and minimised my hormonal breakouts and has, hands down, shot up to the top of my favourite skincare products list!

This product is my first purchase from Elemental Herbology but most certainly not the last! I am very impressed with the brand. "Elemental Herbology takes a holistic approach and for us lifestyle and nutrition are all part of a good skincare regime. We are more than just great products: we believe in looking after your skin both inside and out." - I couldn't agree more & have already prepared a little wishlist of products from the brand!

Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse is normally €37 (£29) and available from & Space NK.

** have a promotion on at the moment and you can get your hands on it for €28.28**

What is your favourite cleanser? Have you ever tried any Elemental Herbology products? Would love to hear some recommendations!

A. x

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