Beauty DIY: My Perfect Pedicure


At-Home Pedicure

So now we’re on the home stretch to all things autumnal it’s no excuse to neglect your feet. We punish our feet something terrible, although at 5ft 9 (and a half!) I’m not actually a massive advocate of skyscraper heels, I do put my feet under horrible strain while pounding the pavements for hours on end marathon training. And then we’ve the office staple ballerina pumps- which are actually supposedly worse for feet than a sensible heel, who knew?!

I love the idea of pedicures and I really want to love the whole pedicure experience but generally find that small beads of sweat form on my forehead at the thought of someone touching my feet- I’ll just about manage a file and polish but if we’re talking full on ‘relaxing foot massage’ forget it. And so in honour of autumnal peep toes here are my at-home perfect pedicure essentials. Firstly, and how can I put this nicely, it’s essential to ‘soften ones skin’. This has always been the challenge with taking care of pedicure’s yourself, it’s a skillset that beauty therapists can pull out in their sleep but not so easy to achieve from the comfort of your home. Queue the genius at Scholl who came up with honestly one of the most talked about pieces of at home beauty-kit this summer, the Velvet Smooth Express Electronic Foot File makes light work of a summer of flip-flop foot abuse in stripping hardened dead skin in seconds. I’m not going to get too caught up in describing a visual or God forbid post a picture but let’s say you can see the results! Think of it as intense foot exfoliation that works a particular brand of magic on heels. Follow this with a nice soak; Scholl do a lovely Velvet Smooth foot soak containing green caviar and Vitamin E to nourish freshly exfoliated feet, before application of another lovely L’Occitane product, Verbena Frisson de Verveine Ice Gel (limited edition, so stock up now!). Infused with mint essential oil this feels gorgeous on tired feet and has an intense cooling sensation that’s very relaxing.

Autumn Nails

For toes, as with fingers, a soak should soften cuticles which can then be pushed back with an orange stick and when it comes to filing short and neat is always the way to go here. With the change in seasons it’s time to think about ditching the bright corals in favour of some more natural tones, right now I’m loving Chanel '563 Vertigo', Chanel '525 Quartz' and Butter London 'Yummy Mummy'  for a grown-up polished feel that looks great at this time of year. Ten minutes well invested for perfect soft and polished feet- all set for swapping flip flops for peep-toes!

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Foot Pedi €49.99 & Foot Soak €8.99 are available from Pharmacies nationwide.

Frisson de Verveine Ice Gel €23.50 (limited edition) is available from L'Occitane stores.

Chanel (63 Vertigo feature in image above) & Butter London Polishes are available from Harvey Nichols, Dundrum.

B xx

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