Dry Skin Therapy: L'Occitane Whipped Shea Butter

L'Occitane Whipped Shea Butter

I'm all about dry oils when it comes to body moisturisers for one reason only- zero greasy residue. With the exception of waiting on tan to sink in (and even then it's a challenge). I just don't have the patience or time to let heavy body lotions soak into my skin, which generally leaves two alternative options; either an ultra-moisturizing shower gel or a dry oil which sinks in immediately. That is until we got to sample L'Occitane's new fabulously light formula: Whipped Shea Butter (is it wrong I just want to eat this?). L'Occitane are nothing short of famous for their Shea Butters, and their iconic hand cream would always be a handbag staple of mine, but when it comes to light, melt-into-skin consistency, this new Whipped Shea Butter formula takes home the gold. It also boasts all the usual intense hydration of Shea Butter, vitamin A & E, and is perfect for sensitive, dry skin.

The lightest of light moisturisers! L'Occitane Whipped Shea Butter

The mousse-like texture is nothing short of gorgeous and literally melts away, with zero greasy residue left sitting on your skin. Packaged in the usual retro-esque shea butter silver tin, it makes a lovely addition to any dressing table or bathroom cabinet (we're suckers for cute packaging). The Shea Butter Whipped Collection includes Shower Foam (€16) Hand Cream (which squeezes out like cupcake icing - €11.50) and Body Cream (€22). This is a limited edition collection so if you want some for yourself, get to a L'Occitane store pronto!

B. xx

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