Battle of the Cleansing Balms: Clinique vs. Boots Botanics

Battle of the Cleansing Balms: Clinique vs. Boots Botanics

If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that I am a big fan of cleansing balms and very partial to the Clinique Take The Day Off in particular. I stick by everything I have previously said about it, it's still a staple in my skincare collection! But as it is a high end product I always like to have a more affordable alternative up my sleeve.

So do we have ourselves a dupe?

I wouldn't say its an exact duplicate product but rather a very good alternative. It contains different ingredients and therefore feels completely differently on the skin but all in all, it is brilliant at taking of even heavy makeup and a very good cleanser in general. It definitely feels heavier and more oily than the Clinique offering and has to be taken off with a muslin cloth or, my favouirte, a hot flannel.

The Boots Botanics balm contains a blend of Shea Butter, Rosehip and Jojoba Oil and feels super nourishing on the skin. It leaves the skin feeling very clean but at the same time soft and supple. It leaves a tiny feeling of residue on the skin, so if you prefer that squeaky clean feeling after cleansing, this product is not the one for you. Even though I have combination-oily skin, my skin can get quite tight and dry after cleansing so I don't mind that feeling at all.

The Clinique balm has absolutely no fragrance whereas the Boots version distinctly smells of Rose and Beeswax. But it's a pleasant and natural smell, noting perfumed or invasive.

Battle of the Cleansing Balms: Clinique vs. Boots Botanics

The Boots Botanics balm is €12.99 for 65g and the Clinique one comes in at €29.99 for 125g. The Boots offering is a little more than half the size of the Clinique balm but you will still save some money going for the smaller Boots balm - because of the thick consistency you really don't need to use much of it at all. The only annoying thing about the Botanics balm is that it seems to be out of stock a lot of the time, so if you see one, make sure to get it!

After trying both balms out alongside each other for the past few weeks I can say that I still love my Clinique balm for every day use but reach for the Boots option when traveling (much more compact packaging!) or when I feel like my skin needs that extra bit of nourishment.

All in all, a really lovely cleansing balm and I can highly recommend it. Have you tried either one of these?

A. xx

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