Easy Entertaining: Ice Cream / Sundae Bar

IMG_7213There is nothing better in the world than being served a dessert that you can customize yourself. This ice cream bar / tray is just that and it is also really easy to make when you are entertaining as everything can be prepared well in advance. All you need is some good ice cream (our favourites are Häggen-Dazz and Ben & Jerry's) and you are ready to roll! The possibilities for the ice cream bar are endless but this time we went for an indulgent chocolate, nut & caramel option...

Ice Cream Bar / Sundae BarChocolate Sauce This is super easy to make and tastes amazing! Just melt a bar of dark chocolate (or milk if you prefer), add a dash of cream and a squeeze of golden syrup to taste. Mix to combine and pour into a jar or serving bowl.

Chocolate Brownie It's always nice to have a cake option in an ice cream bar, cookies would be fantastic here as well, but we went for the good old indulgent brownie. This is especially good when you pour some of that chocolate sauce over it... but I digress. Here is a fail-safe recipe for delicious and moist chocolate brownies (these were baked in as cupcakes but just bake them in a tray for about 17 min).

Salted Caramel Sauce Salted caramel is my absolute favourite and I admit, I ate nearly the entire jar myself! Again, a very easy sauce to make! You can store it for a couple of weeks in your fridge one you have made a batch, but honestly, I dont think it will last this long!

Make sure you are careful here because this gets terribly hot when the sugar boils! You will need 1 cup double / heavy cream, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 6 tbsp water, 1 cup caster sugar, sea salt. Add the water and sugar to a pan and mix a little before putting the pan on the heat. Dissolve the sugar on medium - high heat and then boil until it turns a beautiful golden colour (about 10 min). In the time it takes the sugar to get to that stage mix your cream with the vanilla extract. Once your sugar is ready, take it of the heat and pour in the cream slowly while constantly whisking. The mixture will bubble up, but don't worry, it's supposed to be like this. Once all the cream is combined add about a teaspoon of good sea salt and mix until completely dissolved.

Mini Marshmallows This is the easiest option - just open a packet of your favourite mini marshmallows and empty into a pretty jar or container. Done!

Roasted Hazelnuts We went for hazelnuts but pecans, walnuts or even peanuts would be fantastic here as well. Chose whichever ones you like! You can either buy ready roasted and chopped nuts or just toast them quickly in a dry pan and give them a rough chop with a knife. Easy-peasy!

Chocolate Chips We used a mix of dark and milk choclate chips here. If you don't have chocolate chips knocking about your kitchen just chop up a bar of chocolate - it will taste just as delicious!

This is what we had for our Saturday dessert but the possibilities are endless - fruit, liquors like Baileys or Tia Maria or sprinkles would be amazing too! Now all you need is some good quality ice cream (go for whatever flavours you like) and a little bit of whipped cream. Enjoy!!!

A. xx

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