Easy Eyebrows: Benefit Gimme Brow & Brow Zings


Benefit Gimme Brow & Brow Zings

Underestimated in the past and made an absolute face-feature in more recent times, we’ve put our eyebrows through a lot. I spent my mid-teens rocking the tadpole look and consider myself lucky that they fully grew back. I once worked with a girl who wasn’t so lucky, and was considering brow tattoos before her big day. No, seriously. Call me prudish but face tattoos never really seem like a great idea...Having met with Benefit brow expert Jared Bailey a couple of weeks back, we got some great tips from the Eyebrow guru himself. There's a whole science to creating the brow shape that's right for your face, which is something we'll revisit to again, but for now I'm talking on-the-go eyebrows.

When it comes to brows on the go, Benefit have it sewn up. Admittedly I was a little hesitant on first trialing Gimme Brow, I just had resigned to the mascara like applicator as being heavy or unnatural. My bad. I literally will not be without this now. As in, I have one Gimme Brow in my everyday make-up bag and a back-up Gimme Brow safely tucked away at home in case of emergency. This brow volumising fibre gel is the most fool-proof brow perfector/creator I've come across. We're talking ten-second brow perfection here and I love this stuff.

Benefit Gimme Brow & Brow Zings

If you're lucky enough to have more than three minutes to put on your face in the mornings, then Benefit Brow Zings are your best pal. This neat little compact has a pigmented shaping wax together with a setting powder, a miniature blending brush, shaping brush and the cutest teeny tiny tweezers your going to come across, plus a handy little mirror. Wax goes on first to create shape and definition with the powder following in areas where you might be a little lighter on growth and to set the wax to create a defined brow that'll last you until bedtime.

I'm quite fair but have dark enough brows, so medium  is generally my shade here- that said I've happily used dark in Gimme Brow also. General rule of thumb is not to veer to far from your natural colour to avoid a pantomime-chic finish..! These are two great brow perfectors, with the gold star going to Gimme Brow for its absolute foolproof super-speedy application and lasting finish.  A highly recommended addition to any make-up bag.

Benefit Gimme Brow (€24.50) & Brow Zings (€34.00) are available from the Benefit Boutique South William Street and Benefit Counters Nationwide.

B. xx

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