Easy Entertaining: Simple DIY Place Cards


DIY Place CardsI do love a nicely set and decorated table, especially at Christmas! These festive place cards are really simple to make, take very little of your time during the busy Christmas season, are inexpensive and make the table look fabulous!

DIY Place Cards DIY Place Cards DIY Place CardsAll you will need is some heavy paper, sprigs of rosemary and a pair of scissors. I printed the names onto the card but you could just as easily hand write them. Then pierce two holes in the top of each card and put through a short piece of rosemary - it will look like a miniature Christmas tree branch!

DIY Place CardsIf you don't need place cards you can make a little individual wreath for each plate. For this simply shape the sprig of rosemary into a circle and tie on top with ribbon or string. It's super easy and makes plain plates look very festive with minimal effort!

DIY Place Cards

How do you like to decorate your table at Christmas?

A. xx

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